How to Write a Script for Door-to-Door Sales

Door to door sales isn’t easy, but when done correctly it can be very profitable.

One of the common questions we here is: how do I write a sales script?

Well, let’s dive in.

1. Know Your Product

If you don’t know the product you sell inside and out, it will be harder to write a captivating script.

Start by knowing your product.

2. Start By Building Rapport

Don’t jump right into a pitch.

Build rapport and trust first.

People buy from people they like, your only goal is to get them to say “yes” and smile.

3. Focus on the Prospect

Whatever you do, don’t be a “me, me, me” salesman.

People HATE when you go on and on about your product or your company.

Focus on them.

Know their needs, and their pain points.

Be a problem solver not a “sales guy”.

This is the key to succeeding in any type of sales position.


Writing a sales script for door to door sales doesn’t need to be complicated.

The most important thing is that you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER.

The rest will fall into line with a little confidence and persuasion.

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